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I am proud to endorse Gregg Henton for Zone 4 of the Bend–La Pine School Board.

I believe Gregg will bring a leadership and common sense to Bend-La Pine Schools that many of us want, but is currently missing on our school board.

Gregg has had successful and wide experience in business. I believe he will be a practical counter-weight to the political agendas of those that have kept our children out of schools for way too long and focused on

promoting divisive ideologies in the classrooms. We need this change.

As a taxpayer with current teaching experience and his own excellent education, he will fight for better education that will make all students much more prepared for the future.

Vote for Gregg Henton to represent the southern Deschutes County and improve the results of our School Board.

Phil Henderson, Former Attorney, Home-builder and Deschutes County Commissioner

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29th March 2021

Disclosure : The statements and opinions I have made are mine alone and are not a reflection of the company I work for nor the individuals associated in my personal life.

Dear Sir or Madam,

My name is Baileen. I was born in Bend Oregon in June of 1997 and grew up in the Bend-La Pine school district. Having attended Bear Creek Elementary, Pilot Butte Middle School, La Pine Middle School, and graduated from La Pine Senior High School in 2015, I can say with absolute certainty that the Bend-La Pine school district is in desperate need of change.

Recently through my work I have had the absolute pleasure of spending time with Gregg Henton, candidate for the Bend-La Pine School Board, election May 18.

My children are growing and the time for us to look into schools and determine what would best fit our child's needs finally arrived. After going over the policies that have been set into place, we opted to purchase a home in a different district. While home availability played a factor in our relocation, this was still a heartbreaking decision. As a mother, I wanted my child to attend the schools that I did. As a native-born Oregonian, I have a lot of pride. The inability to trust the school district has played a role in changing the plans I had for my children.

I want my child to say the pledge of allegiance in honor of our nation, as well as the brave men and women who have fought for it. I want my child to grow up in an environment that teaches him respect and compassion for all. Our children should not be subject to ANY type of sexual education, especially in the young age group of second grade. Education with a focus of asking them if they feel like they should be a different gender is inappropriate. Who they are, and who they will become is not a matter that should be handled by a public school system. I strongly feel as if the school district has become so focused on keeping up with the latest political trends that they have lost sight as to what is important: foundational learning.

The current priorities of the school district are disturbing. So-called "Critical Race Theory" (theory, after all) is not what we send our children to school to learn. The divisive notion of racial identity is not, and should not, be a concern to a developing young child. There are appropriate times to speak on the issues of race and, in my opinion, a second grade classroom is not it. Our children are being taught there is a difference in rights and "privileges" based on skin color and that is not productive for fostering harmony in any classroom.

These leaders are reverting us back to the time when racial inequality was a true concern. Except this time, they have come with their own strong biases, and believe it is appropriate to teach children how to apologize for being “white”. They are being taught that their skin color determines their ability to succeed, cultivating a victim mentality. The officials we elect are directing school staff to teach our children at a young age to be resentful and spiteful. We need to make a huge change in leadership.

Have you ever handed a single six-year old a cookie in a classroom full of twenty-five plus six year olds? How do you think the rest of the children react? Studies show the typical reaction would be anger, resentment, shame, and disappointment just to name a few. The officials we elect should know better, right? These teachings are taking our society in the wrong direction for racial equality. In fact, they are fueling a much larger fire for the future of our nation.

After reading everything available, I have learned that the future of the Bend-La Pine School District is in immediate danger of a union-sponsored board leader who has little interest in the well being of our children. Her primary focus is on advancing political agenda, which includes such things as the controversial CRT, 1619 Project, comprehensive sexual education, and DEI.

Our schools need to re-open and kids back to learning. Our students , especially the low income families, need to have the campus as a safe zone. There are thousands of children in the Bend-La Pine School District who are going without because they counted on school as a meal source. There are tens of thousands of children in the Bend-La Pine School District who are being abused and these cases are being missed.

Who is helping these children? Because it certainly is not the current leadership who have already shown us their priorities over the past years.

Who will be the one to stand up and make a change? We as a community need to take a huge step back and look at the real question, Who am I entrusting with the safety and well being of my child?

My vote is for Gregg Henton.


Baileen Searcy

Sunriver, OR

Mother of two young children

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Letter of Endorsement

Gregg Henton For School Board

My name is Stephen Aloia, father of five children, and I am proudly endorsing Gregg Henton for our local Bend-La Pine School Board.

Local elections, especially those for our school board positions, are the most significant since they affect our family and our community immediately. Unlike a vote for mayor, city council, or county commissioner, the school board members directly impact our children and the hopes we have for their future. Seven people are entrusted with the education and protection of 18,350 students in 35 schools. Over 1,100 Kindergartners alone – the most precious and sacred time in their lives. We must all take the power of our votes seriously.

I have been a school principal, a director of special education, a teacher, a coach, a university professor of education, and a school board member for a number of special needs schools. My five children have been both, home schooled K-8, then they attended and graduated from public high schools where they played a number of sports. All five graduated from college with honors. Education has been my passion and my life! I do not give endorsements easily.

Having met with Gregg Henton a number of times we have had the opportunity to discuss his interests and more importantly his insights regarding today’s most important issues confronting public education.

Gregg understands the purposes of education – and the obligations our schools have to give our children a chance to fulfill their potential. He realizes that not all children will grow up to be Nobel laureates, professional athletes, movie starts, billionaires, etc., but they must always be taught that they have the opportunity to become whatever they set their goals on.

He believes that it is wrong to tell a child that America is “systemically racist;” that the color of a person’s skin should have any significance at all in the education of a child; that our precious elementary school children will never have their innocence invade by the deconstructive dynamics of comprehensive sex education – a subtle form of sexual exploitation grooming; and that the critical-race theory of hatred for America is detrimental to the child as well as for the future of America.

I truly believe that Gregg will work to improve our schools by focusing on educational standards and raising academic achievement for all students.

God Bless America

Stephen D. Aloia, Ph.D.

# # #

Like most people I’ve learned a lot this year. One of the many things I’ve learned is that the people who are on our school board really effect the decisions that directly impact our children and their education.

This year like many of us I paid more attention. Wrote letters, asked questions, and really tried to understand positions held by the people who represent us in our school system. For me In many ways I felt unheard and beyond frustrated.

When I learned that Gregg Henton, a stranger I knew nothing about was running for school board in my area, I decided to seek out and contact him directly. Not only did Gregg immediately respond, but he agreed to meet with me in person so we could talk.

After my meeting with Gregg I walked away with hope. He left me with the strong sense that he truly understands my concerns. That he is focused on the kids and families in our community and the importance of their education. I believe he will take the time to listen and be a voice for parents and kids in our district. For one of the first times this year I felt HEARD.

Courtnie Eastman

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